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Andrew Blauvelt, graphic designer, design critic and historian; Design Director, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

Chris Conley, designer, engineer, design researcher; IIT Institute of Design faculty; director of Design Research, Chicago; and President, American Center for Design

Laurie Haycock Makela, graphic designer and educator; Designer-in-Residence, Cranbrook Academy of Art; and principal of Words & Pictures for Business & Culture

Jamer Hunt, philosopher, teacher, writer, and visiting design critic at Smart Design; University of the Arts, Philadelphia, design faculty


Andrew Blauvelt: It’s a themed world after all...

Jamer Hunt: A Few Thoughts

Katherine McCoy: Information/Persuasion

Michael McCoy: From Static Plastic to Dynamic Fluid

Peter Seidler: A Few Thoughts

Bruce Sterling: Viridian Design

Susan Yelavich: Beauty's Back in Town or Design gets a Hickey

John Kaliski, architect, critic, teacher; former principal architect of the LA Community Redevelopment Agency; and current partner in Aleks Instanbullu/John Kaliski Architects, Santa Monica

Jonas Milder, industrial designer, furniture designer; University of the Arts, Philadelphia, industrial design faculty

Craig Miller, Curator of Design, Denver Art Museum; formerly curator in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's American Wing, NYC

Katherine McCoy, communications designer, writer; IIT Institute of Design faculty, Chicago; and principal in High Ground/McCoy & McCoy, Buena Vista, Colorado

Mike McCoy, designer, partner of Fahnstrom/McCoy; IIT Institute of Design faculty, Chicago; and principal in High Ground/McCoy & McCoy, Buena Vista, Colorado

Louise Sandhaus, designer; California Institute of the Arts new media faculty, Los Angeles

Peter Seidler,
Chief Creative Officer of Razorfish, New York City; founder of Avalanche

Bruce Sterling, featured journalist for Wired magazine; noted science fiction author

Tucker Viemeister, designer, lecturer; former member of Smart Design; and currently Executive Vice President of Razorfish, New York City

Skip Walter, business-engineering-design consultant; formerly chief engineer, Aldus; faculty, IIT Institute of Design

Lorraine Wild, graphic designer, writer; California Institute of the Arts former director and current faculty; former partner of ReVerb; and current president of Lorraine Wild Industries, Los Angeles

Susan Yelavich,
public design educator and painter; Assistant Director, Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design, New York, in charge of Programs