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His interior, furniture and industrial design work for such clients as Knoll International, Philips Electronics, Formica Corporation, NEC, Steelcase and others in Europe, Japan and the US has received many major awards including the European Ergodesign Award in 1986 for the Philips Electronic Office System, the Industrial Designers Society of America IDEA Gold Award, ID Magazine's "Best of Category," the IBD Product Design Award, The Hannover Fair Prize, the Interiors Magazine Award, The Progressive Architecture Conceptual Furniture Award, a Japan Design Foundation Award and the 1989 Japan Design The Future Competition 2nd Prize. ESSAYS

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His recent product design introductions include the best selling Bulldog Chair for The Knoll Group, the Deskscape line of desk accessories for Steelcase Details, (both designed with Dale Fahnstrom) and the Aspen Tables for Johnson.

His design strategies for interpreting technology and information have been discussed in articles in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Blueprint (London), Axis Magazine (Tokyo), Domus (Milan), Interiors, IDSA Innovations and numerous other publications and have been published by Rizzoli in a book entitled Cranbrook Design: The New Discourse.

Mr. McCoy was the Chairman of Forms of Design, the 1986 National IDSA Conference, and served on the Editorial Board of ID Magazine. He has twice juried the Progressive Architecture Magazine International Furniture Competition, the ID Magazine Annual Design Review, and was a juror for the Sony International Design Competition in Tokyo. His lectures worldwide include the Aspen Design Conference, The Royal College of Art in London, the World Design Conferences in Helsinki and Amsterdam, WorldDesign '85 in Washington DC, the Japan Industrial Design Association in Tokyo, Harvard University, Delft University, two ICOGRADA conferences, the Tokyo Society for Design Science, the Design '89 conference in Nagoya, Japan, and the Steelcase Executive Committee Design Series.

His work has been exhibited at the American Institute of Graphic Arts in New York, the Axis Building, Tokyo, the British Design Museum in London, the National Design Museum in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Centre Pompidou and La Villette in Paris, the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Cultural Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the International Design Conference in Aspen and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia among others. In 1987 he and Katherine received the American Center for Design Educator Award and the Hall Distinguished Professorship at Kansas City Art Institute. They received the prestigious 1994 Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design which is given to six architects and designers annually for major contributions to the field.



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