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This educational program offers opportunities for the international design community of professionals, advanced students and managers to connect high level design theory directly to real world design solutions.

High Ground's Master Class workshop format delivers emerging design strategies and theories, emphasizing specific tools to foster vision, innovation and conceptual investigation, and provides immersive personal interactions with a changing faculty of internationally recognized designers.

Most conferences and workshops deliver theory and practice separately, leaving the audience to make the difficult leap between the abstract and the specific. High Ground is about bridging this gap between theory/research and successful, satisfying products and communications. Workshops explore ways to connect these realms creatively in a studio situation where design strategies can be discussed both formally and informally, concepts can be quickly sketched and mocked-up, and participants can receive feedback on their ideas from faculty and peers.

The McCoys have extensive experience working with advanced design professionals in Masters level education and with design workshops for organizations, including Philips Electronics, the Industrial Designers Society of America, Steelcase and McDonalds.